Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crochet bag

Another school break is almost over and tomorrow its back to U3A. I'm tutoring 2 classes side by side for the next 4weeks. My normal folk art class will run side by side with my new 4 week course in "journaling". Sounds a lot to handle but I'm sure everything will be fine. It will be fun and exciting.
For the last couple of weeks I've been on a "rest and take it easy" routine as I haven't been very well.
  This has given me the opportunity to do other things that come under the  "resting" banner.
I've been crocheting, made 2 scarves and a bag. Normally I wouldn't use someone else's patterns, and why should I? that's what I do, have been doing for almost 50 years now, designing patterns.
however last year while on holiday in the UK I bought a pile of magazines, I love their magazines, a lot come with freebies and giveaways, I cant resist.
One called "simply homemade" had the scarf pattern and the gorgeous crochet bag pattern, so I made both. The problem here in Australia is getting yarn similar to the one used originally in the pattern.
How lucky was I, Spotlight are having a sale and I found a thick cotton type yarn called "riverdale"by Panda yarns of Melbourne. The pattern said 200grams of yarn and wonders of wonders it used very slightly more, I had to use the 5th ball for the handles.
The bag is made in motifs joined together, the directions were a bit vague so a beginner would have a bit of a problem I think understanding how it all goes together, it does, however make up very quickly. I lined mine with a pink multi coloured spot fabric, with an internal pocket.
If you would like to check the pattern out go to 'simply homemade" issue 30.
Just a note about the yarn I used "Riverdale" I have never seen this yarn at Spotlight before so my guess is it was a "special" for their sale, it wasn't a good yarn to work with lots of knots, joined pieces, one ball had 4/5 ends to start, another one had a pile of unwoven yarn shoved in the centre, so if purchasing any check it out first. Only good thing, it was the right thickness for the pattern.
Have fun, give it a go.

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