Sunday, April 20, 2014


One for all those would be" newby crochet" people.
Forget about trying to perfect your tension.
I know a lot of you are concentrating and trying to get the perfect tension in your crochet.
Its much more important to learn the crochet stitches than the tension.
I have been teaching for almost 50 years now (how scary) and believe me the tension just happens, it just comes itself. The more you crochet the more even your tension will get.
Crochet is not all about the "tension "its all about the formation of the stitches.
I get angry when I hear teachers saying someone has "the tension wrong" no you don't.
Just forget the word "tension "totally and your work will be better more even, because you are more relaxed about it all. Now you are concentrating on the pattern and the formation of the stitches.
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  1. Jean, you are delightful! As is your blog and your work! I've been snooping around and it really is wonderful!
    I'm so happy I am able to find you now! LOL!


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