Wednesday, September 14, 2016

To Trace or Not.

Well, such a lot has happened since my last post on here, took me ages to log in as I forgot my password. That just proves how long it's been.
If you read my post on the "Crafty Police" lurking, would you believe there surfaced again.
This time for something equally as silly, the process of "tracing" over freehand drawing. Tracing is evidently, cheating, did you know that? How silly and really Who is being cheated?, the person doing the accusing or the person tracing, Does not make sense to me, does it to you.
Have you e ver gone to an art show and seen work labeled as being traced, or stopped liking a painting because you think it's traced.
I always thought, Art was meant to be all about, colour, the emotion the viewer felt when lookin at the painting, not about whether it was traced or drawn freehand, which is what most artist do. But, some prefer to use light boxes, projectors or tracing paper, so why is that cheating, and just who are they cheating.

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