Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First steps creating altered canvas New

I learnt so much from my blogging class today.
Anyway now I want to share with you the progress of my new picture I'm working on recycling  the canvas with the tree painted on it (picture) that I posted here yesterday.

I turned the canvas around and decided to use it sideways, Having the blue sky section on the left hand side, that meant the dark or ground section was now on the right, my original signature is upside down in the top right hand corner.

To start I painted a coat of white ghesso over the black tree trunk and branches, then over some of the green foliage.

Next I found some papers and actually cut straight pieces out, these I glued in place using matt mod podge. Allow to dry.

In the right hand corner I glued down a few different floral tissue papers, (serviettes).
A couple of pieces of the backing tissue I scrunched up and glued on to reassemble 3D flowers.

I left everything to dry.

Using 3 different green acrylic paints, plus a brown paint I added a few bushes in the bottom left hand corner.
 Then I placed it on an easel where I could see it frequently so that I could decide where to go next and what my picture was about, what was going on in my painting, what was I supposed to paint.
Totally different to what I had thought I was creating. So keep a lookout for the next instalment when I will complete it. The picture shows where I'm up to.

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