Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tip of the month... February

The method of framing or displaying your piece of art is as important as the actual design itself.
When selecting a suitable frame keep in mind the colours you have used
in your picture, as well as what makes up the design
is it collage, flat, slightly 3D, thick, thin etc.
 does it require non reflective glass to protect it.
Don't select a frame that is so beautiful it could be a piece
of art work or on display by itself.
You want onlookers to admire your art work not be so engrossed in the beauty of the
frame that they don't see your picture.
      Elaborate, intricate , gorgeous frames, rather than enhancing the picture they are displaying,
 detract from it, as they pull the onlookers eyes away from the picture towards the frame.
Select something fairly plain, neutral colour, unless you decide to include
the more decorative frame as a part of your art work.  If that's
the case, select a frame that's darker or has detail that will draw the onlookers sight
to the frame then lead in to the art work.

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