Tuesday, February 18, 2014


After browsing online I found a great website Craft online. As it was located less than an hours drive from here my daughter and I decided to go for a drive and have a look. What fun. Online they say come and have a look at the showroom etc. We found it even though the nav lady wasn't much help,fortunately I used to live in the area so had a basic idea where it was. After finding a park, Sharon (daughter) went to check out the entrance, we'll it was almost vertical very narrow even for a car and it looked like drive in back out. So unless you are an agile monkey or a mountain goat it's not a place to visit particularly if you have any sort of disability like me.  We drove home fairly disapponted that in its self was an adventure as the highway was blocked by an accident so we had to find a back way up a mountain, down a mountain but we got home safely  Where I got online ordered my inks paints etc, this was Monday it's now Wednesday and I have just unpacked my parcel. So many thanks Craftonline, check them out.www.craftonline.com.au


  1. You forgot to say our driving adventure to the craft place was a lot of fun. Particularly on the way home with the up hill, down dale beautiful scenery.


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