Sunday, February 23, 2014

How I altered the canvas

This is a fairly large probably 16x20", The one I altered had this tree on it, plus the texture paste only difference was the colour. These were painted for a workshop I had, hence the colour changes.

Step 1. White ghesso over the tree area.
Step 2. I added tissue papers and paper towel. That was coloured with markers from when I made my alcohol inks. never throw anything away.
Step 3. I roughly drew a face using chalk pencil.
Step 4. Next I painted a pinky flesh colour over the face area.
Step 5. Completed the face.
Step 6. decided she needed a hat, so roughly cut one out of white paper.
step 7. painted the hair.
Step 8. Cut a larger hat from coloured paper, glued in place added a ribbon and a bow, voila lovely finished canvas.
Step 9. next day, added coat of mod podge. Result is the lovely choccy box picture below.

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