Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Reviews

I belong to the local library so I'm always borrowing books. Frequently they don't have anything of interest in them. Authors I like are Lee Child, Tony Park, Di Morrisey, I have been known to stay up all night to get a book read as I never read the ending until the end.
As well as selecting my own books I also belong to the U3A book club, we meet the first Monday of each Month, this months book is Nelson Mandelas story, "Long walk home" big, big book but I'm enjoying it.
I usually select my books on the web site, so often I collect, look through and take them back, however recently I selected 3 books, various authors on "making handmade books". Wow, all 3 were great books, very informative.
Book 1: Alisa Golden, Titled  "Unique Handmade Books" 159 pages. Lots of different types of books including one called....... wait for it, "The Exquisite Corpse Book" doesn't that sound fun for Halloween. What I like about this book is the easy to follow patterns and the diagrams showing you how to assemble each  book. 10 chapters packed with lots of information suitable for the "newby"book maker.
Book 2. Author Gwen Diehn, "The Complete Decorated Journal, This is the book I would like to purchase it really is complete" 240 pages. Well illustrated with step out instructions on how to decorate paper, what things to select, paper to choose, instructions on assemblage for the different types of books you are creating. Nothing is wasted, how to alter old worn out books. I love it, may have to check Fishpond out they have free postage.
 Book 3. Erin Zamrzla. "Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures " 196 pages in a hard cover.
At the back of this Erin has shown all the different methods of binding and stitching your books. Simple instructions, lots of diagrams for the novice to follow. Set out well. Lots of fun books to make with this one, including titles such as, "grocery list, lunch box notes, The necklace book, Fishing book" just to name a few. A book for every occasion. Lots of illustrations for binding the pages together good clear instructions for the Japanese stab binding method.


  1. I'd recommend the Gwen Diehn book - I bought it via Amazon a few years ago and love it. That last book looks good too for the instructions.

  2. thanks, it really is a lovely book, the last book has the best and clearest instructions. I've checked out Gwen Diehn's book on both fishpond and book depository they both have free postage, haven't priced it on Amazon as yet, but will do. I appreciate that you are taking time to reply.


thank you