Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pet Hates

Do any of you have things that you see or read that absolutely drive you crazy? One of mine, now that sounds like I have a lot, doesn't it.
Well, anyway one thing that drives me crazy is English, writing sentences, bad grammar, newspapers are forever writing sentences that make no sense at all.
This is what I have just read on a blog,  "an quarterly magazine", does that make sense??????????
I don't profess to being an expert on English, I left school when I was 14 but I have done a few years at uni and I love to write but I don't get that sentence, do you suppose they meant " a quarterly magazine". I think that reads so much better. Someone has set me a challenge to complete before the end of this month, March. To write 5 blogposts so this is my second, I'm doing well as 5 days left.


  1. This drives me up the wall too Jeanie! And it's happening in all media these days. Poor grammar and incorrect spelling just shouldn't happen considering how much auto-correct is part of our lives.

  2. Yep, it drives me mad too - wish all bloggers would do a spellcheck!!! I confess I have made the occasional booboo, but at least with blogging you can go back and check, and correct.

  3. Thanks for your comments much appreciated.

  4. It should be an "a", I was taught at school that an comes before a vowel so. "A bat" "an apple'.


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