Friday, March 7, 2014

Using Pellon or Interfacing

I recently read an article about Lutradur and mixed media. I'm not sure if this product is available here in Queensland as I have never seen it anywhere. When describing it, the article said, "non-porous, not unlike pellon or interfacing used in sewing".
 MMMMMMMMMMM, so if its "not unlike pellon"maybe I can use pellon in place of Lutradur.
Well, as there is only one way to find out, I am now experimenting to see what I can or cannot do with Pellon.
First thing, find the pellon or as we generally call it interfacing", for those of you who have never used it before. Interfacing is sold by the metre or in packets, it comes in several thicknesses or weights. Light weight is tissue paper thin, iron or sew on. Then medium weight, its about the thickness of water colour paper. The heavy weight one is like cardboard.
I tried the medium weight interfacing first, just a scrap, I sprinkled and sprayed it with inks, then stamped it, one thing I noticed the ink was almost instantly dry. I used a stamp pad for the stamp rather than paint.
When it appeared dry, I spread gel medium on my journal page placed the interfacing on the gel, then applied gel over the top, As you can probably see from the picture the stamping ink bled a bit. Maybe it require longer drying time. However what is exciting is that the interfacing and it was iron-on, is almost invisible
The second experiment was using the light weight interfacing, its very thin like tissue paper and will, unlike the medium weight, tear into pieces. This piece I attached to my journal page with mod podge applying it over the page, sticking the interfacing down then I used mod podge over the top. I let this dry for some considerable time. Then I used the same butterfly stamp and stamp pad, stamping over the mod podge. Let it dry, Its more invisible than the medium weight is. Feels a bit rough but I think that's because its iron-on interfacing. The stamp is secure.
This is the light weight interfacing, its hardly visible.

I'm now using actual thinned paints to see how that will look. So far its a great outcome, exciting to see it can be used in Mixed media, it's readily available and inexpensive too.
I first mixed a fairly runny paint mix, blue, tied a couple of sections in the interfacing a bit like tie dying, Soaked the interfacing in the paint, squeezed it out on a paper towel, then dried it on the line.
When it was dry I glued it on to my page with the mod podge and let it dry.
I painted the flower with Inktense blocks, added a couple of stencils with acrylic paint.
The friend stamp was already on my page so I have placed the interfacing over the top.  Then I did squiggles in white acrylic.
What I love about this is the translucency, keep in mind that I have used the iron-on interfacing the sew-in may act differently.

This is the medium weight pellon stamped before I applied gel medium
This is glued with mod podge I prefer it to the gel medium.


thank you