Monday, March 24, 2014

Stitches and Craft Show

Did any of you get to the Brisbane Craft Show recently?
My daughter, Sharon, friend Julie and myself caught the train on Thursday for what we thought would be a lovely day. Turned out we were way of the mark as the day was a disaster. Those poor stall holders, they had to cope with the unbelievable conditions all day, luckily we didn't.
What happened, the air conditioners weren't working, that we discovered after we paid the $14.00 admission charge.
We arrived just after 10am, by 1pm I was feeling decidedly unwell, so unfortunately could not continue browsing or walking around in the stifling conditions, we may as well have sat in an enclosed box it was so bad.
I'm disgusted with the organisers that they did not provide water, although they did announce "free water down the back",  we couldn't get there or find it. As a large percentage of customers were in the "senior"age group  there appeared to be a total disregard for our welfare by the organisers. We only heard one public announcement regarding the problem. Neither was there any offer made with free ticket to come back another day, the show ran until Sunday.
My daughters friend was working on a stall there, she tells us that it was after 3pm before the air cons were working again. This was at the Convention Centre. Will we go again? There's another show in April, but I'm not sure if its worth the stress.

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